This is it?
If Cinderella Would Have Turned Back To Get Her Slipper, She Wouldn't Have Been A Princess.
Look Back At Your Mistakes And Grow Stronger From Them. Yes, We May Fall, And Sometimes It's Hard To Get Back Up, But When We Do, We Grow Taller And Stronger <3

A little about me...
*I'm 4'11
*I love, live, eat, breathe Disney World
*Learning to love myself more everyday

Now, you tell me about yourself. (anonymous or not) I wanna know.
So Kawaii! #Day3 over! @bassistlizzy #LesleyIsASenior2014


i will literally try to pet any cat i can don’t doubt me

Day #2 of High School finished! With @bassistlizzy and her brother Jr.!
First and last day of High School ended with these cuties! #Day1 #LesleyLove (at Plant City High School)